Women’s History Month

Today marks the end of Women’s History Month. Well, maybe for most people. For us, it’s been an ongoing process since last September. We’ve learned more about the role of women in US military history in this class than in all the history classes taken during the K-12 years. We’re focusing on the role of women in the military from the Civil War to the present day. It’s amazing how much has happened in that time that is either briefly mentioned (women dressing up as male soldiers during the Civil War, for example) or never even makes it in the history books as a footnote (women serving in the military during WWII).

At least for me, it’s of some comfort to know that this will be remedied slightly when our documentary is distributed to Colorado high schools. While they’ll only get to see a fraction of what we heard in the interviews and dug up in our research, it still feels like it goes a long way towards shedding some light on a little-known aspect of our history. I am still amazed at how much I didn’t know. Today, I came across a post by Peggy Lutz, a WAVE from WWII. Her thoughts explain this invisibility far better than I ever could. Women veterans deserve so much more credit than they’ve been given. Hopefully, they will one day be given their rightful place in our history books.