Rough Cut

Last week, if you had walked into the studio at the beginning of the day, you would have been wondering if you were in the right place. We are now approximately halfway through the semester and last week was a welcomed break from all our hard work. Everyone watched or participated in some improv comedy before settling down to watch the rough cut. The pre-show entertainment before the featured presentation, if you will. It’s difficult to describe exactly what happened during the different skits, but, suffice it to say, we have some very funny people in this class. I loved every minute of it.

On to the rough cut. Overall, it was very satisfying to see how far we’ve come since those early interviews. Everything is progressing nicely. The animations are looking nice, there is music that fits the topics, we have a decent amount of b-roll, as well as some great one-liners and other moments from our interviewees. It was a great way for us to figure out what we still need or start thinking of ways to make certain aspects of the film better. We’re on the right track through.

I’m very happy with how much progress has been made over the last seven weeks. For the most part, everyone had been working on their own animations or other tasks. There hasn’t been much time to interact with everyone in a large group situation, but small groups have sprung up as individuals look for help or feedback on their projects. We got lucky in the sense that we have a good team that works really well together.

This week, it’s back to work, as we have less than a month before we need to deliver the final product to Ed Perlmutter’s office.

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