Green Screen Scenes

I’m going to let you in on a little of what we’re planning for this documentary. Wonder Woman will be making an appearance. Shhh, don’t tell anyone. 😉

Brandon the Bad Guy gets caught in Wonder Woman's lasso of truth.

Brandon the Bad Guy gets caught in Wonder Woman’s lasso of truth.

Actually, Wonder Woman was a pretty important heroine for girls in the 1940s and beyond. You’ll find out more when you come see the film. Anyway, with the character being copyrighted, we were trying to figure out a way to bring her into our documentary. Enter Jenn, one of our interviewees who told us about her admiration of Wonder Woman. She’s been working on a new Wonder Woman costume off and on for months, so we asked if she’d like to drop by the studio for a photo shoot that we can incorporate into the film.  Jenn loved the idea and happily agreed to help us out.

We got the green screen and a fan set up for her arrival. There were shots of her taken both inside the studio and outside. She got to fulfill the ultimate dream that many kids (and probably a fair number of adults) have:  being her favorite superhero for a day. We got her to strike various poses that showed off her bracelets, a sword, and the infamous lasso of truth. Brandon was a good sport and let Wonder Woman tie him up with the lasso. Yes, there’s video too.

Once all the standing shots were done, it was time to start setting up for the other part of her shoot: flying Wonder Woman’s invisible plane. She loved it. All of us watching or participating in the shoot had a lot of fun. Thanks for coming by, Jenn!

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